You’re Under Arrest For Being Too Cute

So Taiwan got new police dogs. And by new police dogs I don’t just mean new to the force. I mean new to the world. Yes….puppy police dogs. Prepare yourself for the cuteness you’re about to experience.

Credit: AsiaWire

This lil guy is asleep on the job already, but I don’t think anyone really minds. This pure, golden loaf may not look very ambitious at the moment, but he’s got big things ahead of him.

Credit: Asia Wire

Ring the adorable alarm, I think we have a serious situation on our hands. Call in a code black for these two ridiculously snuggly black labs.

Credit: AsiaWire

He might not be able to fit into that vest now, but someday he will wear it with pride. All of these cute canines are being trained as professional police pups to help sniff out things like drugs or blood. The training should take anywhere from 8 to 12 months, and the police department hopes that all can pass with flying colors.

Credit: AsiaWire

Better get those snoozes in now, pupper. Seems like you have quite the difficult task ahead of you. But we’re sure you’ll still look super adorable doing it.

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