You’re Not Ready For the Fab Five Making Over This Dog

Take a deep breath and hold onto something because the Fab Five has found another way to make us cry.


In honor of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, the Fab Five made over their first dog! The dog, Lacey, was rescued from a municipal shelter in Tennessee. She was nominated by Rosie from the North Shore Animal League. This cutie had the booty of a corgi with the coat of a lab and the feet of a Basset #SWOON! She is as sweet as can be and the Fab Five fell in love with her. Lacey was adopted quickly after filming, but she has captured the nation’s hearts.




The mini-episode features Antoni making her homemade peanut butter treats, Tan decking her out with a new collar and leash, Bobby coos over her with some new dog beds, JVN gives her a nice brush out, and I’m warning you now, you’re not ready for Karamo’s pep talk.


While everyone in the Fab Five seemed to have a great time, Antoni somehow made his way into almost everyone’s segment, so we know he fell hard for Lacey! Who can blame him though! Check out the full video below:


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Steph Wasser

Steph has lived in NYC for 7 years, and knows all the best neighborhoods for dog watching. Currently, she's a mom to 15 plants and one sweet dog. She firmly believes there is nothing better in life than a wet snout.

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