You Need Matching Pet Pajamas

With the weather cooling down, it’s time to shimmy into your coziest pajamas and relax by a roaring fire. But it’s not enough to just have your favorite pair. You obviously have to have a matching set for your canine companion, too. Here’s a look at some of the snuggliest matching sleepwear options out there:

Credit: Archerthecavalier/Instagram

Dress your pup in plaid with this adorable matching set. Just look at how cute this fido family looks in their coordinating outfits. This particular set is backordered until Valentine’s Day, but it’s never too early to start planning your photoshoot for Christmas 2018.

Credit: The Company Store

Polar bears for all! The Company Store provides a wealth of adorable pj options for the whole family. This perfect polar bear print is available for women, men, kids, and dogs, in sizes XS to XL. When you look this cute, who wouldn’t want to match with their mutt?

Credit: Pajamagram

Peace on Earth probably starts with dogs in adorable pajamas. This adorable print is available for everyone, so your holiday snaps can be perfectly on point. We just hope there are no hard feelings when everyone realizes that the dog really does it best.

Credit: Footed Pajamas

Your dog probably wouldn’t respond well to footed pajamas, but the next best thing is definitely a cozy hoodie that matches yours. The “Holly Jolly” set is the perfect way for the whole squad to spread their holiday cheer.

Credit: Pajamagram

Adorable, cozy pjs for the whole clan? Snow problem! This snowflake pattern comes in a giant range of sizes and styles to fit everyone living under your roof. Coordinating with your canine is definitely the best way to celebrate the holiday season.

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