Wiggy Piggy

If I had to be reincarnated as an animal, I would definitely want to be Hamlet the Piggy. This fabulous farm animal is wildly popular on Insta because of her fun fashion and sassy attitude. And she rocks a wig better than any other pig I’ve ever seen. Here’s proof:

She’s wearing blue but she’s definitely not feeling blue. Hamlet looks proud as ever to be rocking this statement hair.

Elsa…is that you? I just can’t let go of how good this pig looks as a blonde. Nothing around her could stay frozen for long because she is looking hot, hot, hot.

Here we see our piggy pal looking pretty in pink. She hams it up for the camera to show off her new ‘do.

Hamlet’s got a little sexy librarian thing going on with those glasses and her brunette locks. She makes every shade of wig look good.

Looks like Hamlet is channeling my girl Nicki in this photo op with Weezy and Drake. These music icons have never looked better.

Here we have Hamlet in a taco costume, wearing a blonde wig, with a red bow in her hair. Does it get much cuter than this?

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