Weird And Wonderful Internet Dog Lingo

Pupper. Doggo. Fluffer. Woofer. If you’ve heard or used any of these words, then you’ve heard of DoggoLingo. While it’s not actually an official language, there’s a unique vocabulary spreading across the internet that uses all of these weird and wonderful words to describe our puppy pals.

While the exact origin of these words is unknown, it’s easy to see why it’s catching on. Words like pupperino or floofer are exactly the kind of cutesy-sounding names that people tend to use when speaking to their pups. Just like we talk to babies in a certain way, we also tend to talk to and about dogs in a similar manner.

As seen on Dogspotting

Here’s a crash course: all dogs can be known as puppers, pupperinos, doggos, doges, fluffers, floofers, woofers, or boofers. Samoyeds are clouds, Corgis are loaves, and Dachshunds are sausages. Overweight dogs are thicc, slender ones are long bois, little ones are smol. A bark is a boof or a bork. A dog with its tongue out is doing a mlem or a blep. Got all that?

Example of DoggoLingo on Dogspotting

One place where this vocab is definitely accepted is in a Facebook group called Dogspotting. This group of over half a million people is dedicated to spotting and photographing adorable dogs. These spots are always accompanied by a witty caption, one that typically uses some form of DoggoLingo.

Excellent use of clouds in Dogspotting

The Twitter account WeRateDogs (@dog_rates) is also known for its use of DoggoLingo. In addition to the typical slang, they also commonly use the word “heck” censored as “h*ck.” A common usage might be something like this: “what a h*ckin good pupper.” WeRateDogs is also, of course, known for their special dog rating system. They believe that all woofers are good, so they always get at least a 10/10 or 12/10.

No matter what we call them, everyone can pretty much agree that dogs are the best. With this new set of words, we’ve found a way to describe them in a way that’s just as cute as they are. So here’s to all those fluffers pupping around and just being h*ckin good boys.

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