Warm Weather Is Here, Keep Your Pet Cool

The sun has finally decided to show its face and the temperatures are slowly heating up. It’s time to ditch those winter parkas and break out the strappy sandals. But the next time you bring your furry friend out with you to enjoy the weather, make sure they’re not getting too toasty.

WIth the Kool Collar, you can make sure that your pup stays perfectly refreshed. It’s a unique collar that actually lets you put ice inside of it to help keep your dog cool. You can either fill it with ice to use outdoors, or use the special KoolTubes freezer tubes for a drip-free indoor option.

Credit: Morecan

When the ice melts, it drips into your dog’s fur and down their chest to give them a nice cooling sensation. Besides making your dog feel cooler, it actually helps bring their core body temperature down as this cold water evaporates. This is super important, as dogs can’t regulate their own heat efficiently and can easily overheat.

The Kool Collar comes in a bunch of different sizes and colors, so it’s perfect for any pup. Dogs large and small can enjoy the heat worry-free with this fun invention. And for around 20 bucks, it’s a fairly cheap option to keep your canine perfectly chilled.

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