Wally Wears The Most Amazing Bandanas

Wallace the Golden is an undeniably adorable dog. But what makes this precious pupper stand out from the crowd is his unbelievable accessory game. Wally rocks bandanas like no other, which only adds to his lovable look.

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“Bandanas are absolutely his signature look,” says Wally’s owner Carolyn Cohen. “I’m always shopping for new ones; I especially love having them made for him on Etsy.”

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So where did this bandana obsession even begin? It all started with a conveniently placed shop and the perfect paisley print. After Wallace’s first puppy grooming session, his dog mom spotted bandanas in a store out front and decided it would be the perfect accessory for her little pup.

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Wallace has definitely worn a lot of different looks over the years, and he seems to pretty much look good in everything. Cohen estimates that he’s worn about 40 different ones in total. But there’s always one type that always steals the show.

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“He definitely does mostly plaid bandanas,” says Cohen. “That’s what I think he looks best in!  He’s pretty outdoorsy and a little bit country, so I think the plaid works best for that.”

So where does he get all these fabulous accessories? Cohen buys a lot of them from Etsy, but she also gets some sent in from fans. Other retriever accounts and even some brands have sent over bandanas just for Wally. Even if they’re not sending actual bandanas, the fans always have suggestions for Wally’s next look.

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“Recently, we had a follower of his reach out to us and tell us that there is a specific style of plaid from Scotland for Clan Wallace, so I had one made for him in that plaid,” says Cohen. “I thought it was so cool for one of his followers to share that with us and take an interest in Wally’s bandanas like that!”

So while we might not know which bandana Wally will rock next, rest assured that this pup is always perfectly accessorized with a neck scarf that’s just as adorable as he is.

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