Wag! Tag Finds Lost Pets Fast

Wag!, the popular dog walking and boarding company is a lifesaver for busy pet owners, and now also for missing pets. Founded in 2015, the “Uber for Dogs” became an instant success due to their innovative, on-demand mobile application that helps prioritize your pet, no matter where you are. You can quickly match a trained dog walker with your pet from the app to take your pet out for a walk and a bathroom break. You can even track their walking route in real-time and can be notified when they do their business, so you can be sure to avoid those dreaded indoor accidents!



Wag!’s newest feature, the Wag! Tag changes the way we search for missing pets and shows their commitment to your pet’s safety. This groundbreaking technology replaces old-fashioned dog tags and “Lost Dog” flyers with a passionate online community, local resources, and a 24/7 recovery team to help you quickly locate your furry friend.


The Wag! Tag is fun and easy to set up. You can create a customized profile for your pet, including contact information, vaccination records, and any other information to fit your pet’s unique needs. The Wag! Tag’s scannable code enables access to more information than a typical, hard-to-read tag.



Forget spending ages taping “Lost Dog” flyers all over town. You’ll reach more people instantly with Wag! Tag’s advanced online alert system that sends out digital flyers to Wag! support and other lost pet platforms.


When you sign up for the Wag! Tag, you have free access to services such as the Lost Dog Guide and the Online Dog Profile. To learn more about the Wag! Tag and how to get yours free of charge for a limited time, visit https://tag.wagwalking.com/.

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Emily Konwick

Emily is WildCatFiona's momma. She is a junior at the University of Kentucky studying psychology. When she's not in class, she spends her free time running Fiona's Instagram page. She also loves writing and keeping up with pet-related current events!

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