Viral “Chonk” Cat Has Been Adopted 

Mr. B stole the hearts of millions after his photo went viral. The whopping 26-pound cat rose to stardom after Morris Animal Refuge of Philadelphia shared his story online in hopes of finding the colossal kitty a home.



The hefty heartbreaker has medical complications which cause his unusually large size. Despite his struggles, he is said to have a heart just as big as his ample frame. These factors, combined with the sad look in his eyes and adorably chubby cheeks, created a perfect storm of cuteness overload that managed to crash the shelter’s website.


Mr. B’s adorable photos and unfortunate story drove cat lovers crazy, which in turn gave him a long list of options for his new life. He had over 3,000 applicants eager to adopt him after his photos went viral. Morris Animal Refuge has been committed to ensuring that they select the perfect fit for this extra special cat.



This social media storm landed him with a family dedicated to taking care of his medical needs and providing him with all the love and affection he deserves.


Mr. B now has his very own customized t-shirts available to help support the other adoptable animals in the shelter.


It’s easy to say that Mr. B takes the cake for the world’s cutest “chonk.”



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Emily Konwick

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