Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Pet Friendly Plants

Greenery in the home can do wonders for the soul–especially if you live in a city. Studies have shown plants can boost mood, reduce stress, and clean indoor air. What better way to say, “I love you” than by adding a nice green, refreshing plant to your home?


According to the EPA, evidence indicates indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air, even in the largest and most industrialized cities. Studies also show we spend about 90% of our life indoors, and, often, pets are inside even more than people.



I know, I know, you can never keep houseplants alive, but it’s not that hard! Here are my favorite books that have helped me keep alive 15 plants in a small NYC apartment. They are quick reads with lots of beautiful photos to help inspire you. It would be nice to pair with the plant for your gift.


  1. Plant Society: Create an Indoor Oasis for your Urban Space
  2. How to Raise a Plant: and Make it Love you Back
  3. Practical Houseplant Book


Now that you know how to keep your plants alive, which plant should you get for your Valentine?


Bamboo Palm

Included on NASA’s list of best air-purifying plants, the Bamboo Palm is a pet friendly beginner level plant.


Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is also known for its air-purifying abilities, and is adaptable to different environments. The Spider Plant is easy to propagate, so you can give your friends little plants as gifts!



Ponytail Palm

My personal favorite is the curvy Ponytail Palm. This beauty looks fun, and provides some spunk to your home.



Iron Plant

Another pet-friendly air purifier, the Cast Iron Plant is sleek and will add some dimension to any space.



Staghorn Fern

In their native habitats, Staghorn Ferns grow on trees. When in a home, they are wonderful to hang on a wooden plaque on a wall. Just hang it like a picture frame!



Boston Fern

If you’re a fan of texture, there’s nothing not to love about the Boston Fern. This plant is again on NASA’s air-purifying plants list and is pet friendly–win!



These flowers are so lovely to add to your home. Orchids are about as chic as plants come!



Calathea Medallion

If you’re looking to add some more color to your home, Calathea Medallion plants, are a good choice. The unique leaves almost look painted.



Bird’s Nest Fern

We have two Bird’s Nest Ferns in my home, and I LOVE them. They are funky and durable, and add some pop to our bookcase.

While these plants are pet friendly, please keep in mind that every pet is different. If your pet likes to eat and/or knock over plants, make sure to put the plant in a place they cannot reach, or use a natural repellant to deter them.


Enjoy your new life as pet parents!


PS: Some of these are partner products, which means if you purchase, PetInsider may get something in return, however these are unbiased reviews based on personal experience.

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