Umbrellas For Animal Lovers

Summer is around the corner, but first we have to get through those spring showers. Forget those boring old black umbrellas and stay dry with these delightful animal-inspired options.

For the cat lover

Credit: The Paragon

If you want everyone to know how much you love your feline friend, this is the umbrella for you. No matter which breed is bae, this print has you covered.

For the pug-loving princess

Credit: Amazon

Stay dry with this adorable little pug print parasol. Who wouldn’t want to make a rainy day better with this perfect pup?

For the lover of all animals

Credit: Signals

When it’s raining cats and dogs, it only makes sense to have an umbrella to match. Bonus points for the fun illustrations from off-beat artist Edward Gorey.

For the feline fan

Credit: Amazon

If pugs aren’t your thing but you still want that clear umbrella look, try this kitty option. Protect yourself from the rain with this cute little pussycat.

For the corgi groupie

Credit: Doctors Foster and Smith

If you’re a corgi lover that doesn’t want to seem too crazy, try this subtle corgi umbrella. The simple outline keeps it classy while still showing off your puppy passion.

For the philanthropic pet lover


If you’re all about giving back, this is the umbrella for you. All the sales from go towards the care of rescue animals. With the purchase of this particular umbrella, you can fund 35 bowls of food for a pet in need.

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