Twin Cats Reunited After a Year Apart

When single parents Cathleen Cavin and Brian Herrera matched on a dating site, they had no idea they already shared a very special bond.


Last year, Cathleen Cavin and her daughter went to find a kitten and met two ginger brothers snuggled together. Their markings formed a heart when they curled up against each other, and they were the only two ginger kittens there.


Unfortunately, they were not able to take both kittens due to restrictions in their building, so they had to pick one. “We both teared up as we left the shelter as we didn’t want to separate the loving brothers,” Cathleen stated.



“We were devastated. When we brought Ozzy home, my daughter thought Ozzy was upset without his brother, and I am sure she was right,” Cavin said.


Cavin made a promise to her daughter that she wouldn’t stop looking for his brother. She called the animal shelter, but his brother was already adopted.


Turns out, the brother found his home four days after Ozzy was adopted. Cavin was glad things worked out for Ozzy’s brother, Butter, but the thought of finding him was always in the back of her mind.


One year later, Cavin connected with a man named Brian Herrera on a dating app. The two of them talked for months before finally meeting in person. They had so much in common–both had daughters a year apart, had lived minutes away from each other, attended the same events, etc!



“It was love at first sight” Cathleen said of meeting Brian. Later, when she went to his house, she could not believe her eyes. “Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a ginger cat. I did a double take and then yelled out, ‘You have my cat!’ He thought I was a crazy cat lady until I had him come over to my house and see Ozzy.”


“We could not believe this was real, so we then got out the adoption papers and lo and behold, they are brothers,” she said.


Cavin and Herrera now live together with Ozzy and Butter and their two daughters. In the end, Cavin was able to keep her almost impossible promise to her daughter. She found her soulmate, and the two long lost brothers were reunited!



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