Traveling Internationally As a Pup: Tips and Tricks!

My human and I love to travel together.

First we became experts at traveling all around the US (favorite spots: LA, SF, and Miami), and then we decided to take it a step further and explore Europe!

Here are my tips and tricks for traveling internationally stress-free with your human:


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When planning your trip, make sure to check the rules for the specific countries you want to visit.

Rules and vaccine requirements vary by country. For example, Iceland and the UK have more stringent rules and requirements than France and Italy. The UK also charges a hefty 330 Pound fee for you to enter the country as a pup.

Pro tip: If your flight has a connection, you have to comply with the rules of the stopover country as well as those of your final destination.



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Restrictions, such as pup weight limits, also vary by airline. Don’t assume the rules will be the same for your next flight as they were for your last.

Rules also vary depending on the country in which the airline is based. For example, when we planned our trip to London, we originally planned to fly Virgin Atlantic, but because Virgin Atlantic is a UK-based carrier we switched to Delta, a US-based carrier, so that I could fly in the cabin with my humans. With few exceptions, UK-based carriers do not allow pups to fly in the cabin :(.

Pro tip: If the flight you book is serviced by a different airline, the rules for the other airline will apply, so be sure to check.


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Some “pup friendly” hotels are friendlier than others. Some offer walking services and special room service menus, while others charge nightly fees and may not allow you to stay in the room alone.

Check how the hotel you’re planning on staying at defines “pup friendly” before booking so you know what to expect.

Also, check with the hotel for any weight limits. Not all dog friendly hotels welcome all pups.


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Us pups travel best when we feel comfortable and safe.

A good way to prepare for traveling is to spend time with your travel bag before the actual trip. When I get a new travel bag my humans leave it out, let me hang out in it, and take short day trips or walks around the city with me in it before a big trip.

Feeling comfortable in your travel bag makes such a difference! Packing my favorite toys also helps me feel “at home” on the road.


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Make sure to pack some food in your carry-on in case there are delays in getting your checked luggage. Similarly, pack a little extra food in case you have unexpected delays returning home.

Also make sure to plan for weather. I usually travel with my cooling vest and a sweater, because you never know what mother nature has in store!

Your Turn!

Hope the above tips and tricks convince your humans to take you along on their next big trip!

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