Tracy Morgan Has a Pet WHAT?

We all know the 30 Rock star as the ridiculously goofy Tracy Jordan. But do you also know him as an owner of a pet octopus? Yes, you read that correctly. The outlandish actor also happens to have a pretty outlandish pet.

Word first surfaced of this fishy friend when Morgan tweeted a picture of her on Twitter in 2012.

His beloved giant Pacific octopus (curiously named Bwyadette) is Morgan’s prized possession. According to an interview with Seth Meyers and John Slattery, he can often be heard bragging about his precious pet’s intelligence. He says that Bwyadette is “dolphin-smart,” which is pretty common for this smarty pants cephalopod.

This proud papa loves his girl so much that he even appeared on the Animal Planet show “Tanked.” On the show, he joked: “She’s been calling me a slumlord lately. I want to get her something nice. This is my baby.” Hosts Brett Raymer and Wayde King transformed Morgan’s crumbling tank into a state-of-the-art octo-pad fit for a queen.

Credit: Animal Planet

But don’t run to the pet store to pick up your own Bwyadette anytime soon. Octopus pets can cost up to $1,000, and the tanks they need aren’t cheap either. Oh, and that dolphin intelligence Morgan keeps bragging about? Octopi need constant attention so they don’t get bored (they’re v high maintenance). So while Tracy Morgan might love his tentacled treasure, it might not be the best choice for you.

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