Top Taco Toys and Treats

Tacos are amazing — so amazing that they even have their own day dedicated just to them: Taco Tuesday. What other food do you know that literally owns a day of the week? Exactly. This delicious dish is enjoyed by all, even our precious pets. Here are some of the top taco toys and treats for these furry friends.


Credit: Amazon

This adorable squeaky dog toy is perfect for your cute canine. It has all the necessary elements of a taco, mainly lots and lots of shredded cheese. Plus, at under 10 bucks, it’s definitely a cheap treat.

Credit: BarkShop

If your pup is more of a pescatarian, this fun fish taco option is a great choice. It comes in large or extra-large, so it’s sure to satisfy any size doge.

Credit: BarkShop

If your doggy is into destruction, then this is the taco for them. All the ingredients pull apart so your pup can really play with its food.

Credit: Etsy

Even our feline friends can be fans of the almighty taco. These adorable little toys are filled with catnip so they’re extra tempting for your tabby.

Credit: Chewy

Sometimes a toy just doesn’t cut it. You need that real, taco flavor. If your pup is craving a dog-friendly dish, these chewy dog treats are sure to satisfy.

Credit: BarkShop

These treats look more like donuts than tacos, but that fish taco flavor is definitely there. They’re flavored with whitefish so your pup can enjoy that scrumptious seafood flavor.

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