Top Pet-Friendly Vacation Destinations in Europe

Taking your beloved pooch on a long-awaited vacation might sound difficult to some people, but if you are a keen pet lover then it is completely normal to go on holiday with your four-legged friend. In the past, it used to be rather complicated to travel abroad with your dog, but nowadays many countries are extremely open-minded and even widely welcome pets. Europe, for that matter, might be the best pet-friendly destination in the world. If you are wondering where in Europe to head out first with your petite buddy, here is a list of top incredible pet-friend countries and cities that you should go to.

Bergen, Norway

Not all Scandinavian countries tend to welcome pets, but Norway’s capital, Oslo, and a charming, picturesque southwestern town Bergen are altering many people’s views. During summer, the weather is nice, with constant sunshine, making it ideal for a long walk in serene and lush green parks. What is more, many fjord cruises welcome canines on board so you can head out to see magnificent fjords, marvel and relax amongst beautiful landscapes and enjoy in Viking history with your pet by your side. Bergen also has a lot of open space for you and your dog to get your daily exercise. There aren’t still an abundance of pet-friendly restaurants, but you can go for a picnic on a hillside and enjoy stunning surroundings.




Paris, France

If your dying wish is to visit the romantic and captivating Paris, but simply can’t bear the thought of leaving you little pooch at home, there’s no need to dwell on it anymore. Paris is one of Europe’s top pet-friendly destination. Parisians love their dogs, and most restaurants even let them enter the bistro instead of having them sit alone in front of the café. Paris offers numerous inner-city dog-friendly boutiques, establishments, hotels, and opportunities to rent luxurious villas.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Everybody knows Amsterdam is cyclist-friendly, but the Dutch are also incredibly keen on their pooches. In Amsterdam, you will find loads of pet-friendly restaurants that allow you to bring your dog on a leash so that you can together enjoy delicious supper overlooking the canals. Amsterdam is a great European destination for dogs with their abundance of pet-friendly parks such as Vondelpark and Oosterpark. To top it off, dogs are even allowed in a majority of Amsterdam’s renowned sights with the exception of some museums and galleries.



Dublin, Ireland

There are still mixed feelings about allowing pets to freely roam around in some parts of Ireland, but the gorgeous, historical city of Dublin is pet-friendly, and a marvelous vacation destination as well. In Dublin, you will find many restaurants that will let you in with your pup as long as you keep it leashed while you are eating your dinner. Also, you will find many hotels and accommodations that allow pets as well. However, Ireland is known for being a sheep country, so you cannot walk your dog freely on walking trails. When leashed, you can explore the scenic and breathtaking Killarney National Park, and other pet-friendly trails like in the Wicklow Mountains. Having the unique opportunity to discover untamed wilderness with you pooch will surely be a relaxing and enticing vacation.

Rome, Italy

If you want to taste mouth-watering specialties, explore scenic vineyards, unwind in the Riviera, or take a perfect city-break, consider traveling Italy with your four-legged friend. Italy has a huge appeal for dog-owners seeking a tranquil summer getaway, and Rome has an amazing reputation for its love of dogs. As one of the top pet-friendly destinations in Europe, Rome has innumerable sights for you and your pet to see and discover together. Dogs are more than welcome in public transport, parks, and cafés. Hotels do welcome pets but you might charge extra fees. Later, you can take a train to Venice, which is also known as a city of pet lovers. See the superb churches, explore the historic city by gondola all with your dog always by your side. 


No matter which European destination you choose, be prepared to have an amazing time with your furry friend! Worried about the flight? Here are a few tips for flying with your pet.

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