The Top Dogs at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

Forget the Tree Lighting Ceremony at Rockefeller Center or the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square. When it comes to the best holiday event in New York, we’re giving the prize to the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade. For 27 years, the Dog Parade has been bringing together the best and brightest pet costumes to compete for the top spot.


This year’s event was bigger and better, with hundreds of dogs and thousands of eager pet-loving spectators coming out to the East Village park to see who took home best in show. And let’s remember, this was a prize that was worth striving to win. The top dog was rewarded with a cash prize and tickets to see “Hamilton,” the Tony-awarding musical sensation on Broadway. But before we get to the winner, let’s take a look at some of the other contenders because cute puppies in adorable costumes are always winners in our books.



Instagram star Chloe Kardoggian looked fun and fabulous as a very creative Cougar Barbie. She rocks a blonde wig and finishes the look off with a hot pink convertible and, of course, some man candy.



Pups Giupetto, Gianna, and Penelope showed off their stuff as impressively colorful underwater creatures. They arrived in a custom aquarium to complete their fishy fashion show.


Credit: Scott Lynch/Gothamist


C-c-c-corgi! Duchess the corgi has us all green with envy in her adorable Chia Pet sweater.


Credit: Scott Lynch/Gothamist


Terrifying? Sure. Topical? Definitely. This pup decided to go along with the recent clown craze and go in-dog-nito with his creepy mask.



This doggo doesn’t look quite as fierce as Daenerys’ dragons on Game Of Thrones, but we’d bend the knee to this costume any day.


Credit: Scott Lynch/Gothamist


Good puns are always welcome at this event, and this one is definitely appreciated. “Woof” of Wall Street Boo really plays the part in his dress shirt, tie, and cart full of cash.


Credit: Amy Lombard/New York Times


Nothing quite like a duo in denim. Tuck and Lola pull off a flawless execution of the matching denim outfits worn by 2001 “it” couple Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.


Sproutie the Grouch.

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Popular pup Sprout took inspiration from his signature scowl and came dressed as Sproutie the Grouch. Extra props for the attention to detail, like the “Two Paws” logo on the pizza box. Very well done.



Political pups are nothing new at this event, so it’s no surprise to see a Hurricane Relief Trump costume, paper towels and all.


Credit: Scott Lynch/Gothamist


Petite pupfluencers The Lil Gremlins look like quite the catch in their sea-themed scene. We’re getting serious Little Mermaid vibes from this mermaid and crab, and we’re definitely about it.


Credit: Amy Lombard/New York Times


Lower East Side native Oscar spruced up his cart with a space theme. This guy looks like an astronaut on a mission and he’s ready to blast off.


Despite all the amazing competitors, only one would be crowned winner. This year, that honor went to four French bulldogs in a double decker sightseeing bus. Owner Dianne Ferrer stayed up “until the wee hours of the morning” to finish this elaborate piece. But it looks like it all payed off and her team walked away with the top prize.


Credit: Amy Lombard/New York Times


Credit: Scott Lynch/Gothamist


Credit: Bravo



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