Tibby The Corgi Is Squat Goals

“Booty booty booty booty rocking everywhere,” sang one Bubba Sparxxx 11 short years ago. Now, in 2017, those words have never been more true. It’s all about the booty, the peach emoji, and #squatgoals. And if you’re looking for a rockin’ rump, look no further than Tibby the Corgi.

Forever Squat Goals #SheTHICC #HerMilkshakeBringsAllTheBoysToTheYard

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Look back at it, Tibby. You know what you’re working with. Go ahead and strut on down the street with your bad self.

Not even pjs can control all that floof. Tibby’s cute corgi butt cannot and will not be tamed.

Trying To Back To Work After A Long Weekend #OnePawForward #TwoPawsBack #MoonwalkOuttaThere #AndBackIntoBed

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Nothing quite like a booty boomerang. Can’t decide whether Tibby looks better going forwards or backwards. Let’s call it a tie.

Strollin' Into The Long Weekend Like #FeelingFreshToDeath #ReadyToEatMyWeightInChocolateEggs #AlsoLookAtHerSwagger

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Even as a pup, she had quite the impressive posterior. Her swagger started early and it definitely never stopped.

Behold this glorious loaf. Tibby’s got that fresh-from-the-groomer look with the perfect doggy derrière.

She Got Buns, Hun #VolumeOn #NoSeriouslyThough #SheGotBuns #HerButtIsIndistinguishableFromABreadloaf

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You’re definitely gonna want to turn the sound on for this one. Tibby knows how to hit the beat and show off that corgi caboose.

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