This Type Of Shelter Dog Is The Most Overlooked

It’s difficult for a lot of dogs in shelters to find their furever homes, but it’s especially difficult for one type of dog in particular: black dogs. For some reason, these pups are the most overlooked. Photographer Shaina Fishman is out to change that.

Partnering with an organization called Foster Dogs NYC, Fishman took some beautiful photos of these black rescue dogs. Take a look at some of her shots:

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Check out this lil werewolf. This scruffy pup looks serious, but that one floppy ear makes him look pretty playful, too.

Those piercing eyes could melt any heart. Who wouldn’t want to stare into those every night before bed?

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You really can’t resist that puppy dog face. I mean, come on.

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Whatever you have to say, this guy is all ears. Who needs a therapist when you can just tell all your troubles to this adorably handsome dog?

The side profile really captures how regal this gal really is. She rocks the salt and pepper look like a total champ.

If these photos aren’t enough, check out this pups in action:

If you’re in the market for a new furry friend, why not consider one of these midnight mutts?

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