This Tired Puppy Found The Perfect Ride

If you’re anything like me, your social media is filled with pictures and videos of adorable animals. I feel like I find a new adorable Corgi video pretty much daily. But when scrolling through my Facebook feed recently, I found one that really caught my eye.

Are you kidding me? This little pup just found the best life hack ever. In this video, it looks like this pup just hopped into the bottom storage compartment of a regular baby stroller. Lots of strollers these days have spaces under the actual bassinet for moms to stash their diaper bag or other infant-related items.

There are also different types of strollers that are made specifically for petite pups. These retail for around $50, but the higher end ones can be hundreds of dollars. They’re perfect for older or injured pups that still want to enjoy the outdoors but aren’t strong enough to walk around.

Credit: Pet Stroller Blog

But if you happen to have a human baby and a fur baby, I’m afraid a true infant/puppy combo does not yet exist. You’ll have to make do like this little guy and make sure your baby stroller is equipped to handle the occasional hound. Next time you go on a walk with both your babies, make room for when your sleepy pup needs a little siesta. And to any inventors out there, get working on a dog and baby stroller combo ASAP!

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