This Looks Ridiculous But You Might Need It

Ever think to yourself: “Hm…I wonder what my dog would look like in head-to-toe spandex?” Yeah probably not. But somebody must have, and thus, the Shed Defender was born. This interesting-looking invention is the internet’s newest solution to your dog hair problem.

Credit: Shed Defender

Instead of having to clean up your pooch’s fluff, why not just cover them completely in doggy Spanx? While this bodysuit looks a little ridiculous, it does actually have some benefits. The most obvious, of course, is that your lint roller will get a break and you can finally wear black again. But the Shed Defender can also help protect your pup from cold weather, dirt, and allergens.

Another unique use is to put it on your puppy pal instead of the dreaded “cone of shame.” While it can’t stop your pet completely from itching or gnawing at stitches, it can help them forget about them without that big plastic funnel.

Credit: Shed Defender

If you happen to have a nervous dog, the Shed Defender might be able to help with that, too. Much like swaddling or hugging can calm a baby, wearing something snug can help calm an anxious canine. As always, consult your vet before making any medical decisions, but this doggy leotard might be worth a shot.

The Shed Defender comes in a variety of sizes and colors to fits pups of any size and preference. The creator actually made this product to deal with his Saint Bernard’s constant shedding, so it is definitely big dog approved. Plus, a portion of the proceeds goes towards animal shelters in a “Paw it Forward” program, so you can feel good about supporting this fur-free solution.

Credit: Shed Defender

So while bodycon dresses for people might be on their way out, bodycon suits for dogs seem like they’re definitely in style. If you’re ready to live with less hair and a more flashy pup, the Shed Defender might be right for you.


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