This Is The Best State For Cat Lovers

If you frequently find cat hair on your clothes, know the location of the nearest cat cafe, or would wear any of these t-shirts, you might want to consider moving to Maine. Real estate blog Estately conducted a study to find the top 10 best states for cat lovers, and Maine came out on top.

Estately crunched a bunch of different statistics, like the percentage of households with cats, number of Facebook likes for cats, and number of no-kill shelters to figure out which state is most cat crazy. Maine was by far the best choice, with high rankings across the board.

Credit: CatTime

When it comes to cat ownership, 46.4% of Mainers have feline friends. Maine is also one of only three states to have an official state cat. Naturally, it’s their namesake kitty the Maine Coon. Since 1985, the Maine Coon has been the official feline of this cat-loving state.

So if you’ve been wondering where to find some fellow cat lovers, it might be time to take a trip to Maine. While you’re at it, make a pit stop in nearby Vermont or New Hampshire, which take the silver and bronze medals for most cat-friendly. I guess there’s something about New England that cat lovers just can’t get enough of.

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