This Guy Autotuned his Cat, and It’s Amazing

Joaquin Baldwin’s cat, Elton, loves to pester him with meows in the mornings. Naturally, Baldwin’s impulse was to autotune a compilation of meows and put it on Twitter. It did not disappoint.



“Autotuned the cat because he won’t shut up in the mornings. I don’t know how this helps, but I did it anyway,” the caption under the video reads. It may not have helped Baldwin, but it sure made everyone else’s morning better.


While Baldwin is a Disney Feature Animation layout artist who has worked on movies like Zootopia, Moana, and Frozen, he may now be better known for his cat videos. The tweet was liked over 230,000 times and has almost 4,000 comments.



One commenter asks Baldwin to, “Please add the original.” Baldwin quips back, “There is no original. He only cries in robot now. This is him now.”



Another commenter (presumably a friend) attached a photo saying, “Well I knew him before he was a celebrity.” Not missing a beat, Baldwin responded, “Please contact his viral licensing agent before publishing his photos.”


Baldwin used the free @VolocoApp to record and autotune Elton. While Baldwin and Elton enjoyed the popularity of the post, they tweeted, “Elton is taking a break from all the fame now, no autographs pls.”



Cat people, you understand. Next time your cat wakes you up at 5am, just autotune them and put it on the internet for everyone to enjoy. If you do, send us your videos on Instagram, and we’ll repost them! Tag us @PetInsider.




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