This Dog Is So Talented

Meet Miku: she’s a Shiba Inu from Toyko, Japan and she is one talented pup. Besides being ridiculously adorable, Miku also happens to be the fastest treat-catcher…ever. I have no scientific way to prove this, but just look at the video and see what you think.

MAGIC. First of all, I’m impressed at this slurpy canine’s self-control. She let her owner put not just one, but four treats delicately on her nose before devouring them in an instant.

Even in slow motion, I can barely tell how she does it. Her accuracy and eye-mouth coordination are truly impeccable. I can barely get all the popcorn kernels in my mouth without spilling a few, and this dog is over here catching food in mid-air. It’s ridiculous.

Oh c’mon a cucumber? So now this dog is healthier than me, too? Miku is out here making us all look bad. But I guess I’ll allow it since she’s so darn cute.

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Sarah Cookson

Writer/Dog Enthusiast living in New York City. Only goes to parties in hopes there will be a dog there to hang out with. Her resolutions for 2017 were to eat healthier and pet more pups. Bet you can guess which one she stuck with.

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