This Big Floofy Pup Hits The Beach

Utah the Malamute is one confusing pup. He’s not from Utah or any other chilly American state where you might expect such a furball. Nope, he’s from Wollongong, Australia (near Sydney). So while it might seem odd for this Alaskan breed to be chilling in the Land Down Under, he doesn’t seem to mind. Utah does what every other Australian loves to do: he hits the beach.

Behold all of that majestic floof blowing in the salty breeze. Utah is perfectly suited for those windy, chilly beach days.

This lighting makes it look like Utah was sent here from above to save us all with his unbelievable cuteness and floof.

Looks like Utah needs some puppy pals to hit the beach with. Don’t worry, I think he has at least 6,000 or so to choose from.

Staring at the ocean often inspire deep contemplation, and Utah is certainly taking advantage. He uses this quiet moment to share some wisdom.

After he’s done meditating, he frolics in the water like any old pup. He just has a bit harder of a time with all that thick, glorious fur, but it doesn’t seem to slow him down.

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Sarah Cookson

Writer/Dog Enthusiast living in New York City. Only goes to parties in hopes there will be a dog there to hang out with. Her resolutions for 2017 were to eat healthier and pet more pups. Bet you can guess which one she stuck with.

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