This Bakery Is Every Pet’s Dream

Nothing is better than walking into a cozy, little, family-run bakery and grabbing a fresh-baked treat. Millie & Ruby’s in the UK decided that this blissful occurrence should also extend to our furry friends, so they made a bakery specializing specifically in treats for dogs and cats.

The bakery is actually named for the owner’s two Border Collies, Millie and Ruby. Ruby was put on a very strict diet by her vet, so she couldn’t have many store-bought treats. Her owner started making her own from scratch and the idea for the bakery was born.

Credit: Millie & Ruby’s

All of the treats offered have no artificial additives, flavorings, or colorings. The owner also does not use sugar, salt, or preservatives in her baking. Everything is made to human food grade standards because they “would not feed anything to our animals that would not be fit for a human to eat.”

These treats are not only safe and healthy, but they also look pretty delicious. For canines, they offer tea biscuits, doggie donuts, special occasion biscuits, and a variety of different-flavored bones. For our feline friends, they offer adorable little salmon and catnip treats.

Credit: Millie & Ruby’s

But it doesn’t just stop at baked goods. Millie & Ruby’s also offers beer and tea for your bow-wow. And if that’s not enough, they have paw print lollipups, too. So if you and your pet ever find yourselves in north west England, head over to Millie & Ruby’s and have a pretty pawesome time.

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