Things To Buy For Your Anxious Pup

Being a dog isn’t always easy. They can experience anxiety just like we can, and it’s definitely not fun for anyone. Some dogs are anxious while others are triggered by loud noises such as sirens or fireworks.

There are ways to handle an anxious pup, but it definitely takes some time and expertise. A major key is having the right tools. There are some products on the market that can help with the process.

The first is a weighted vest. The way these vests work is pretty simple. They provide gentle pressure to a dog, much like swaddling an infant. This pressure makes them feel more secure and safe without the use of any medicine.

Credit: ThunderShirt

One of the most popular brands is ThunderShirt. They offer a variety of sizes and colors all for around $45. They have a bunch of success stories on their website to prove that their product can actually work.

Another way to help calm anxiety is with a special crate. A company called Zen Crate offers one model with a bunch of bells and whistles to help create a calm environment for your furry friend. The project started on Kickstarter and reached almost double its goal.

Credit: Zen Crate

What makes this crate so unique is its motion activated elements. Once your pet steps inside, the crate begins playing calming music. The crate itself is specially designed to block out external noise and vibrations, so all your pet hears are these soothing sounds. It also features a fan and memory foam mattress to make sure they are comfy cozy.

While the crate does have a lot of amazing features, it doesn’t come cheap. The raw wood version starts at $400, while the finished wood version can go as high as $535 with the wi-fi camera.

If you’re struggling with an anxious pup, these are just a couple of the cool gadgets out there that might be able to help. Every dog is different, and it may take some time to find a solution that works for the whole family. But at the end of the day, it’s all worth it to have a happy, healthy hound.

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