These Dogs Helped a Tow Truck Driver Rescue an Elderly Man

Not only are dogs man’s best friend, but it turns out they’re pretty helpful pals, too. Case in point: a few dogs helped a tow truck driver rescue an elderly man over ten hours after he first went missing, as reported by People.


Story goes that Martin Jay Hall Jr. was driving his tow truck back from a job in the California town of Mariposa, but was directed to take a differently route home than the one he’d first driven on. “The directions consisted of one fork in the road that I would have to make a right on. After I passed the supposed only fork in the road I came upon a second fork in the road that I was not given directions to,” Hall Jr. said.



When he picked his path, he first saw a healthy, collared black dog standing in the middle of the dusty dirt road—and realized something was remiss. Whistling at the pup to ensure its safety and attention, however, set off another dog barking, although farther in the distance. And when Hall Jr. went to follow those canine noises, that’s when he discovered the elderly man who was injured.


According to, the elderly man fell down an embankment and broke his hip 10 hours before Hall Jr. found him. The man’s loyal dogs looked after him the entire time; likewise, Hall Jr. stayed with him while calling 911 and through the paramedics’ arrival onto the scene.


“I’m happy that I was able to provide this man and his family help, and I feel like there was a lot of ‘coincidences’ that had to align for me to be there at that time,” Hall Jr. said. “Almost too many to be normal — more like divinity.”


Photo: Yuki Dog on Unsplash

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Rachel Zoldan

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