These Dogs Are Nuts For Donuts

Fridays are always pretty great, but Friday, June 2nd happens to be one of the greatest. Why? National Donut Day. What could be better than a whole day dedicated to these ooey, gooey, glazed treats? We can’t think of much, and I donut think these furry friends can either.

Is It Bedtime Yet? #CuzImReady #SweetDreamsOfDonutsHereICome

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The obvious complement to Tibby’s majestic floof is the perfect pair of pastry pajamas. I’d love to dream about her and a dozen donuts any day.

who wants @holydonutmaine?! cc: @torontotartare

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Just look at that face. That’s the face of a dog who absolutely appreciates the glory of donuts. Chloe is my type of gal.

It’s raining donuts! Rileybeann always has amazing photoshoots, but I think this one takes the cake, er, donut.

Don't I look delicious? #dunkmeinyourcoffee #tongueouttuesday

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Beauregard looks ready to slurp up all the sprinkles. Embrace the cone of shame in style with this perfect donut decoration.

I donut care for the food that's in my bowl this morning………I'm requesting a donut instead….. Come on lady pants, it's not only #Friyay but it's National #BulldogsAreBeautiful Day so hook a hungry and beautiful bulldog up!! #donutcare #donutsfordays #breakfastofchampions #hookmeup #itsfriday #letseat pick me #itsadayreally ——————————————————— I've got my sweetest hat on in celebration of not one but TWO of my wonderful friends birthdays today!! Happy Birthday Nelson @kingmajesty_and_princessrose and Leon @bulldogleon0421!! I love you both so very much and am blessed for your friendship!! Hats off to you both!! #leonsbirthdayhatparty #sweetnelson3rdbdaypawty ———————————————————- Also sending some birthday love to my sugar sweet friend @lola_thebulldogpup who turns NE today!! Happy Birthday beautiful girl!! Love you!! #lolas1stbirthdaybash

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When it comes to anything but donuts, Eggnog just isn’t interested. She wants everyone to know that donuts are her top priority.

These donut pajamas were what I've been dreaming of my whole life

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Donut pjs strike again, and they’re just as cute on Quincy Fox. Sleep tight, sweet pup. Dream of all the donuts you can dream.

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