These Dog Tarot Cards Benefit Service Animals and Those Who Need Them

Tarot cards are seriously en vogue right now. Used by many to help increase personal insight, provide behavioral direction, or use simply as a meditative thought starter, the 78-card deck is assuredly having a moment. And now, there’s a new deck of dog tarot cards created to specifically benefit service animals, as reported by BuzzFeed.


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The Fool is a whimsical card, but one that reminds us of important truths. There’s unlimited carefree potential—a call to trust your spirit, your dreams, and your power as a person. But, there’s also a call for caution and awareness about the steps you take going forward. (P.S. This is just a cardstock prototype) ~ Kickstarter has less than a week! Come pre-order our deck here: ~ #personalwork #illustration #watercolor #watercolor_art #dogart #taroteverydamnday #tarot #majorbarkanatarot #barkanatarot #tarotreading #cartomancy #oraclewednesday #pagan #awakenedsoul #witchesofinstagram #witchcommunity #tarotcommunity #tarotwisdom #dailydraw #taroteveryday #tarotlife #tarotmeaning #thefool #thefooltarot #fooltarot

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The artist behind Barkana cards are Arien and Bael Smith, two people living with dissociative identity disorder in one body. Each one of the so-called alters, according to Smith, have individual personalities as well as their own artistic skills. But the duo teamed up to design a dog tarot deck that will help raise money to train service dogs that will aid people living with invisible disabilities. Although the art is pretty incredible, the name of the deck is arguably the best part: The Major Barkana, a nod to the Major Arcana cards in every tarot deck.


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The Magician is all about taking conscious action in our lives. Acknowledge your motivations, act with intention, and concentrate on the task before you. Through this, you’ll find the power and focus you need to succeed. Upright meanings: You are at a time and place in life to create and open a new chapter Work on applying both initiative and skill to a goal you’re working on You need to know what you are doing and why you are doing it Reign in your focus and pour your all into one single task, goal, or intention You are in a place to manifest your desires This dog-themed deck is on Kickstarter! Come get it here~ #tarotcard #watercolor #tarotaesthetic #taroteverydamnday #witchythings #witchyvibes #tarotmeaning #themagician

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What’s more, the 72 different real dogs featured on the 72 cards in the Major Barkana are “a mix of It’s a mix of service, emotional support, therapy, and pet dogs,” Smith told BuzzFeed. “We openly invite anyone to commission a spot for their dog. The first dog was a pup we personally knew, but after that they were all community-submitted pups!”


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