These Dog Collars Have Healing Crystals for Extra Good Vibes

Healing crystals are formidable on their own, but when placed near energy centers (or chakras) you’re looking to activate, they’re even more powerful. Which is why lingerie brand Max+Vera recently launched with a slew of bras and bralettes featuring healing crystals attached to or built in every piece. Now, Max+Vera is helping all of our favorite pups with the launch of her healing crystal dog collars.



I know it may seem a bit over the top, but do know that the same way humans have seven chakras, cats and dogs do, too. So it would make sense, metaphysically then, that their chakras could be unaligned and need some balancing, too. The collars, which are available online to purchase now are simple enough that your pup won’t feel encumbered but the stone is prominent enough to emit its vibrational, healing energies, particularly near the throat and heart chakras, responsible for communication and love, respectively. Oh if you’re not too new-agey, they’re just plain cute.



Each collar is made of genuine leather, with the smallest ones at just 14” long. (That’s for a small, small pup, guys.) The more precious the healing crystal, the pricier the collar is, as are the longest collars, of which go up to 25” for $42. Stones available include loving rose quartz, stress-relieving amethyst, protective agate, ethereal moonstone, tiger’s eye for happiness, green aventurine for good luck, and several others. What’s more is that you don’t need to designate your dog with only one healing crystal, rather, there are stones that heal all seven chakras, and start at just $5 additionally each. Right now, I’m insanely jealous that I only have kittens who both, no, would never ever put up for a healing crystal collar. But here’s to hoping your pup will!

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Maureen Dempsey

Maureen Dempsey is a freelance writer living in New York with an ancient, 14-year-old chihuahua and a feisty, young dachshund.

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