There’s Now an Apartment Building ONLY for Dog Owners

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment building, you’ve surely been aware of the pet owner policy, even if you didn’t own a furry friend yourself. Normally, there are a host of apartment buildings that are not pet friendly—or some, like mine, limit the amount and/or breeds of dogs within a unit. But now there’s an apartment building only for dog owners, as reported by Life With Dogs TV.



Located in the Frederikssund Municipality on the island of Zealand in eastern Denmark, an 18-apartment property where owning a dog isn’t just encouraged, rather, it’s straight up required is in the process of being built. “There is demand from some dog owners who are tired of there being so many places where dogs are not allowed,” said Niels Martin Viuff, the builder of the living spaces, according to Denmark newspaper The Local.


And rather than just construct a new building, the entrepreneurs behind the Dog House (as its affectionately called) also took advice from Lise Lotte Christensen, the behavioral consultant for the Danish Kennel Club, on dog-friendly features, set-ups and the like. For example, there’s been both the addition of stronger flooring and a bathing area for dogs in the garden space.


However, there are a few hitches with the new building, one being that the dog must be a maximum weight of 100 pounds to purportedly avoid crowding. And while sadly feline friends aren’t allowed, rumor has it a similar cat-owners-only apartment complex is in the works, too. But if you’re in the market for an apartment for you and your dog in Eastern Denmark, you might have just found your match.

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Rachel Zoldan

Rachel Jacoby Zoldan is a freelance writer and editor living in New York City with her husband two cats, Gerry and Cookie. (Who are, yes, named after a film about dogs.)

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