The Wonderful Gang Of Wolfgang2242

Imagine a pig, a rabbit, a chicken, a cat, a duck, and 10 dogs all living under one roof. Sounds like the plot of a Doctor Dolittle sequel, right? For Steve Greig, known as Wolfgang2242 on Instagram, this is just his everyday life.

Steve has dedicated his life to rescuing animals of all shapes, sizes, species, and ages. When his beloved dog died a few years ago, he decided to honor his memory by adopting the “oldest, least adoptable” dog in the shelter. Since then, his focus has been providing a loving home for senior pets of all kinds. Let’s take a look at some of these adorable animals.

We’ll start with the dogs. Enoch, the big Wolfhound at the top, is the star of the show and is featured in a lot of Steve’s posts. There are a few extra furry friends here, but this is a pretty good representation of the full canine crew.

Then there’s Bikini the pig. She’s a lovable hog with a sassy personality. Bikini makes frequent appearances and loves hanging out with her puppy pals.

Next up are Oprah the chicken and Stuart the bunny. The best posts on this Insta account are definitely the interspecies cuddle puddles.

Then we have Tabasco the Persian cat. Even with all that fur, Tabasco needs an extra layer to keep her warm in frigid winters of Colorado (where Steve and his gang are located).

We also have Harold the duck, who is more than happy to help out with the yard work. All of these pets work together and get along so nicely. I have no idea how Steve pulls it off.

At one point, there was even a guest appearance by Allie the pigeon. Steve found her struggling and decided to take her in, where she quickly became acquainted with some new chicken friends.

Steve definitely has his hands full with all of these precious pets, but he knows how to make it work. He understands the importance of giving these animals a loving home. It’s difficult for senior pets to find their furever homes, but Steve takes in as many as he can handle.

The main rescue organization he works with is Susie’s Senior Dogs. This nonprofit helps find homes for senior dogs all across the country. In his Insta bio, Steve even links to a fundraising site where you can buy t-shirts and support the cause.

So while you might not be able to take care of as many animals as Steve, you can help senior dogs in need by donating or adopting. Everyone loves a cute puppy, but senior dogs can be just as cute and even more loving. If you’re looking to add a new furry friend to your family, consider giving a senior dog a chance.

Even if you’re not in the market for a new pet pal, following Wolfgang2242 on Insta is still a great choice. With that many animals running around his house on a daily basis, there is always something new to see. Plus, you get to see the interesting interactions between all the members of his pet posse.

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