The Sled Pups of Lake Placid

With only a month left of winter, time is running out for you to enjoy all the best snowy sports. While skiing and snowboarding are great, there might be one that you’re not too familiar with: dogsledding. If you’re looking for a fun, dog-filled way to enjoy the tail end of winter, a trip on a dog sled might be just the thing you need.

One of the best spots in the Northeast for a good dogsled ride is in Lake Placid, NY. This quaint little town in the Adirondacks is perfect for a winter weekend getaway. The best part of all is definitely the dogsled rides offered on the beautiful Mirror Lake.

Just walk along Main Street and follow the signs for sled dog rides on the lake. When you get to the edge, you’ll be greeted by a couple mushers and their pack of powerful pups. For just 10 bucks, hop on the sled and let these hefty huskies take you on an adventure around the lake.

For a group of only 4 dogs, these mutts pack some serious power. Hold on tight as they drag you around the lake and enjoy the views of the snow-capped trees. Listen as the musher barks directions to his faithful furry friends.


If you’re worried about safety, have no fear. These guys have been running rides around this lake for years. The dogs are well trained and love the challenge of pulling the sled. And the mushers always check to make sure the ice is plenty frozen.

Once you take a ride on this puppy-powered toboggan, you won’t want to get around any other way.

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