The Refined Palette: Dog Treats

In spite of my champagne and caviar taste, I am in fact, a dog. Little known fact: in spite of being photographed with a myriad of luxury human foods, I actually eat dog food. I know. SHOCKING.

Since I’ve revealed one of my deepest, darkest secrets to the entire internet, I’m going to offset that by sharing my refined palette when it comes to treats!

The Honest Kitchen Nice Mussels: If mussels are enough for human, they are good enough for Bean. I love the salty taste of a freeze dried mussel. Yum!

Orijen Freeze Dried Bison Treats: Feeling in the mood for some large game? If so, these bison treats are sure to hit the spot. In spite of having no shot at killing a bison in the wild, these bring out the carnivore in me. Rawr!

Beef Bone Broth with Tumeric: Bone broth is all the rage with humans, but honestly it’s just as good for pups. The gelatin is excellent for coat and joint health and the tumeric is anti-inflammatory. This is super on trend AND yummy.

Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming: Life can be kinda stressful. You’ve got humans leaving you alone while they are at the office, interruptions to your naps, the long drawn out wait between meals…sometimes you just need a little something to take the edge off. These tasty bites will do just that.

Sprinkles Pupcakes: For a little dessert, what is better then a cupcake? Sprinkles pup-i-fied their cupcakes. Since I usually avoid gluten (I’m a model after all), these are a special treat.

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Ella Bean the Dog

Ella Bean is a four pound puppy mill survivor & former death row inmate from a South Florida shelter. Now residing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, she enjoys cashmere, rosé and modeling for photos. In Ella Bean's free time, she designs clothing which she has her human custom make for her.

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