The Perfect Holiday Gift

Now that the holidays are fast approaching and we’re all scrambling to finish our shopping in the next few days, this is the perfect time to treat yo’self to my fave doggy gadget: the Whistle GO Explore. If you already have one (and I hope you do because I’m obsessed with mine) you can also snag one for a fellow dog lover as a gift. Because I think this is such a great tool for pet parenting, I was able to get my patients and friends (you!) a special offer with 30% off, use DRLISA at check out on


The Whistle Go Explore is perfect for:


Dog owners whose dogs have allergies.
Owners who have a new dog who could really use the tracking feature (dogs are more likely to get lost or run away during the first few months at home).


Owners whose dogs have a history of “exploring”.
Dog parents whose pups take medication. The Whistle GO Explore gives all medical information instantly if their dog were to get lost or get in an accident.


Anyone with a pup that needs to track their exercise and lose a little weight (I’m gonna let you guys decide how to delicately approach this one!!)
Anyone who wants to keep an eye on their dog when they’re not around- whether it’s because they work all day, travel often, or because they’re low-key obsessed with their dog (not naming names).


Literally anyone who has a dog!!


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