The Perfect Cat Lover T-Shirts

Crazy cat ladies (and gentlemen) gather ’round! If you’re not afraid to wear your cat-loving heart on your sleeve, here are the perfect shirts to show it.

Credit: Etsy

Let everyone know that you’re definitely not available with this snarky shirt. Because hanging out with your cat is always more important.

Credit: Etsy

If you’re looking to make a stylish statement, this one will certainly do the trick. This cute little design shows everyone that you’re at peace with your “crazy cat lady” status.

Credit: Urban Outfitters

This one would probably best be described as “kitty kitsch.” Rock this throwback style to show your love for all things vintage and all things cat.

Credit: Red Bubble

Who wouldn’t want a shirt with a bunch of cute cats in sunglasses? And with 17 different color options, this one is perfect for any cat lover.

Credit: AnimalHearted

This is the gift that keeps on giving. 25% of every purchase goes to helping dogs, cats, and other animals in need. Adorable and charitable? Sign me up.

Credit: Cafe Press

Every cat owner knows this struggle. Even when you think you’ve gotten every last hair off, it seems to just magically reappear. This shirt speaks the truth.

Credit: Amazon

It ain’t easy being a pawrent. This shirt lets everyone know how hard you hustle to provide the best possible life for your little fur baby.

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