The Perfect Accessories For This Petite Pet

Atticus the Hedgie is one cute little pet that definitely isn’t camera shy. He treats his almost 85k followers to some pretty adorable snaps of his perfect hedgie face. As if his face wasn’t enough, he also adds some pretty neat accessories that make him pretty much the cutest thing on the internet.

Nothing like a little soft feather in contrast to his little spiky quills. Even with his face all scrunched up, we can still tell that he is quite the cutie.

Check out those perfect pom poms. Puff ball and fringe accessories are all the rage this season, and Atticus is definitely right on trend.

This flower crown might be just a little too big for him to wear, but it does make for a pretty nice photo prop.

From flower crowns to floral arrangements, Atticus really does it all. This little buddy looks stunning with his perfect hedgie-sized bouquet.

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This hat isn’t so hedgie-sized, but it definitely makes a good place to hide under. And of course, we can’t forget to mention that slurpy lil tongue.

Looks like Atticus has his Halloween costume all figured out. He will transform from a humble hedgiepillar to a beautiful butterfly.

Tell me you don’t love this hedgehog in a pretzel hat and I’ll tell you you’re lying.

Finishing off this list of adorable accessories with a sunny yellow pom pom crown that’s sure to brighten anyone’s day.

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