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Frequent vet check-ups and the occasional trip to the groomer are necessary for our furry friends. But for some pet parents, that’s just scratching the surface. Puppy boot camps, massages, and visits to the psychologist are just a few of the services these precious pups get spoiled with.

Dog trainer Lexi Beermann calls herself the “Mary Poppins for dogs.” Her boot camp promises to whip even the most disorderly dog into shape. Beermann can either move-in full-time for a week to train your pup in your own home, or bring the pup to her pad. For one week, she trains your pooch on things like housebreaking, crate training and obedience. This hands-on attention, however, does not come cheap. The week-long boot camp will set you back $4,600, with the option to add further maintenance for $8,000 a month.

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Once your pup is properly trained, why not reward them with a relaxing mutt massage? While this might seem like an outrageous expenditure, dog massages are becoming extremely popular. For older dogs struggling with arthritis or other pain, massages can be a great drug-free alternative. There’s even a school in Chicago dedicated specifically to training doggy massage therapists.

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But if your canine companion is still stressed out after a relaxing rub, there are other options to calm them down. Dr. Peter Borchelt is a professional animal behavior consultant in NYC providing psychological consultations for troubled pups. He specializes in anxiety, aggression, fear, and depression. He typically has one face-to-face consultation and a few follow-up calls to help treat your precious pooch. Of course, this attention always comes at a price. If your depressed doggy needs help, get ready to fork over a cool $650 for a session with Dr. Borchelt.

Are all these special sessions worth it? That’s up to you to figure out. But with the growing trend of people treating their pets less like canines and more like kids, I don’t think these bow-wow benefits are going away anytime soon.  

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