The Lassie Effect

Dogs are cute, loving, and intelligent companions that adore you regardless of any circumstances. That said, some people still need further incentive to consider getting a furever friend of their own, so ill give you one! Studies show that beyond the positive emotional impact that dogs can have on individuals, they also provide health benefits. One major health benefit is known as “the lassie effect,” aptly named after television Dog Star, Lassie who was best known for saving someones life week after week.

Studies have found that by simply getting out and walking your dog, not only will your dog be grateful, but so will your health!

  • You are more likely than others to meet the standard recommendation of weekly exercise (150 minutes)
  • Lower risk for high blood pressure
  • Lower risk for diabetes
  • Lower risk for obesity
  • Lower risk for arthritis

Added bonus: People that walk their dog are supposed to develop a deeper connection than owners who do not walk their pets.

It’s a beautiful summer day, stop with the excuses and get outside with your best friend! I’m sure you’ll both be thankful!

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Sophie Krakowski

Sophie is a dog lover living in New York City. She's currently a junior in college and occasionally skips class to play with her four legged friend, Oliver. She's known by many as "the girl with the dog" and is very proud of that reputation!

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