The Hot List: Sweater Weather


The morning chill ushers in the holiday season and brings with it a feeling of cozy comfort.  After a season of worldly outdoor exploration, we’re about to head inside to hearth and home. Hats, scarves and the iconic sweater take us there. 



I find my hotlist models by scrolling through hashtags in search of looks that inspire the feeling of the moment.


 Meet Hendrik_von_Griffon.

He’s a New York pup who knows the cold is coming. His eyes tell a story of wisdom and pride. The classic button-front cardigan brings to mind thoughts of college and hot coco.



I love Pepper’s balletic charm, and this sweater compliments that.


The color, the outsized rolled-up sleeves, the mix of cable, rib and pearl knits, all speak her delicate grace. And guess what? It’s this tiny ballerina’s Gotcha day! Love is such that life is made of.



It’s true, real men do wear pink. Meet Ace.


He holds his head high with admirable pride.  That’s a true sigh of character that I wish more humans had.  I scrolled through this Toronto based pup’s page and he totally charmed me. He’s simple and sweet, like this sweater. The matching booties take a basic sweater to a whole new level.


Meet Mighty Little Finn.


He’s a 7 lb shelter mutt with a goofy soul, living his best life in NYC, and I fell in love with his world view. His shadow makes him think he might be a cat, his ears convince him he’s Batman, the cone of shame caused a flashback to Elizabethan times. But this olive sweater, with it’s grand turtle neck and boxy sleeves inspires cuteness personified.




Meet Leo and Rexie, two Long Island pals who know how to have Fall fun.


These two border collies have perpetual smiles, and if you check out their page, you will smile to.  Joy is infectious when shared, and these kidlets share it with style. The dog scarf is a new dog fashion item to me. I find it a simple way to add warmth and personality to any size dog.



Ace again!


I love this cowl neck scarf.  Simple yet effective.



Next up: @doberman.kahlua


Meet Cava, a fawn Doberman who turns one in February. I love the black knit beanie with denim scarf.  It’s classic, funky and regal, all at the same time, as is Cava.




Meet Gunner, the cutest little man on Instagram!


He’s got his style down, and that spells fashion success. The classic corduroy flat cap and camels hair sweater frame his cute little legs and big eyes. Scroll through his page and you’ll see a sweet boy how knows classic men’s style and how to wear it.


Whipknits makes really cute and knot sweaters and hats.


I don’t know the name of the dog, but I love the pom-pom eared hat!



Meet Shiloh, a small town boy from Vancouver Island who loves adventure.


With Halloween approaching, the witch is the way to go, and I love how this look is more fashion than costume. Take note of the proportions of the witch hat framing his black mask, the simple black pullover that creates a luscious roll of fur for a collar, and the basic black apple. This is what harmony looks like. Check out his page. This outdoorsy boy will make you smile.


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