The Hot List: Something Simple


We live in a world defined by money.  A movement away from that leads fashion today.  Creativity trumps how much you spend to “look good”, because fashion today is about how you feel, and since we share it in pictures, it’s about sparking a feeling in others. 


1. #OneThing

In a complicated world, simplicity rules, and “one thing” holds the focus and clarity of a simple world. I also love this fashion favorite because fashion belongs to everyone. It’s an art form that we wear. Finding one thing that amplifies a thought or feeling helps you tell the story of the moment. 


Swiss pup @desi_loves_elmo  amplifies his long neck with an outsized yellow collar and matching leash.



Deaf Dane Domino of @1big1small captures the “cool dude” vibe as he wishes his brother, Charlie, Happy Birthday! Not only is he simply dressed, the photo composition remains simple.



@AmyTruePhotography takes us back to school. She’s a newborn, baby and child photographer, who on occasion snaps our dog children. I adore her work.  She connects the subject to our hearts through color, fashion, and of course her subject’s eyes.


2. #DogsinCrowns

Crowns represent power, legitimacy, victory, triumph, honor and glory. Who doesn’t want to feel and share those feelings? That makes a crown the perfect choice to turn every day into a holiday.


@sauerkraut_and_company wear simple felt crowns in their photograph by Los Angeles based @CharlieNunnPhotography . Again, take in the simplicity. One color in the dogs and the cart they sit in. One color in the background, and then a pop of color in the crowns.



Hazel of @themidwesthounds loves flower crowns.  Hard to choose between the many exquisite close-ups and this powerful perspective shot.



Skyegirl of @SkyeandRox loves to celebrate and she knows crowns are the perfect topper. I love this little dog.  She has mastered the art of delicate power and grace.


3. #WetDogWednesday

Whether wearing a towel and shower cap at bath time or a life jacket at the beach, wet dogs hold stories of action in their eyes.


There’s an art in how you wear a towel, and clearly @maltese_puppy_teddy has mastered it. The fact that it matches his tongue amplifies his happy expression.


Bath time with @doc.the.schnauzer . It’s not his favorite thing.  Mom tricks him with greenies, but at least he looks cute!



Oggie of @oggie_murph_puss  brings fashion to his early morning swim in the freezing cold. This photo screams of the power of d.o.g.



What better way to end the summer than with a water shot! Arthur’s his name. Exploring New England and Beyond is his game. Find him and his shark floatie @theoddquad .


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Lola began as a human designer, first for Albert Nipon, then for Christian Dior. She left that world after scoring a short gig on "All My Children”. Lola fell in love with the power of storytelling. Writing became her passion. After rescuing Woofie and BeaR, dogs became her muse. Lola took her unique skillset to parody human life through the power of D.O.G.

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