The Ella Bean Guide to Style

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Ella Bean the Dog. Aside from being a pet rescue activist, I’m most well known for my sense of style. Considering I was born in a puppy mill, it’s hard to say where I got my high-end taste, I guess I was just born this way!

I love to shop, but when I don’t find the perfect item, I’ve been known to design and have my lady human sew me my own clothes. I like to think of myself as the canine version of model-off-duty chic. If you want to channel my style, here are the key pieces you’ll need:

1. Leather jacket

No self-respecting model rolls out of her house without one. Always in style, leather gives edge to any look. My leather jacket is my own design, hand made by Lady Human. I’ve seen some versions out on the web, but I don’t feel any quite compare to the softness and construction of my bespoke version.

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2. Monochromatic hoodies

I keep color to a minimum in my wardrobe. I prefer gray tones and black. A collection of hoodies for all seasons is crucial to keeping warm. Some of my favorites come from Max-Bone.

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3. Cashmere

Always in style, cashmere in a neutral tone always looks chic and understated. Whenever I’m not sure what to wear, my Ruby Rufus grey cashmere cable knit sweater always seems to be the perfect answer.

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4. Black long sleeve t-shirt

Another key item, the long sleeves are slimming and go with every piece of outerwear I own. This is the perfect layering piece! Every dog needs a simple black tee.
Long sleeve black t:

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5. A pop of color

My signature pop of color comes from my bright pink collar. I usually update it seasonally to different tones of pink, but I always keep it consistent. I think it’s important to have a pop of color against an otherwise neutral palette.

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Well, that pretty much sums up the core of my wardrobe. In future posts, we’ll dive into seasonal and vacation wardrobes. Those require an entirely different set of considerations!

Ella Bean

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Ella Bean the Dog

Ella Bean is a four pound puppy mill survivor & former death row inmate from a South Florida shelter. Now residing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, she enjoys cashmere, rosé and modeling for photos. In Ella Bean's free time, she designs clothing which she has her human custom make for her.

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