The Dapper Dog’s Guide to Fashion

Fashion may have gone to the dogs, but it’s not just for the fashionistas. 

The men’s fashion market has been growing at an impressive and unprecedented rate for the past several years, so it should come as no surprise that the options for the discerning male dog (or, more likely, his discerning human) are also on the rise. Sprout, a smooth-coated Brussels Griffon and tiny little tastemaker, shares his top picks for all types of dogs, from the sophisticated shih tzu to the brawny bulldog.

For the Debonair Dog:

Does your dog’s bark sound more like a charming British accent?  Can he not help but check himself out in every window on your walk? If so, then you’ve got yourself a debonair dog, with impeccable taste.  Send this gentleman to bed feeling regal in Fabdog pajamas or let him strut his stuff in a jacket by Elanor, who makes waterproof neoprene surprisingly chic.

For the Hardy Hound:

Is your dog happiest bounding through fields of fresh dewy grass?  Does he stand proudly beside you at the summit, breathing in the crisp mountain air? If so, then you’ve got yourself a hardy hound, whose style must compliment, not curtail, his spirit.  Keep him warm in an Americana-inspired coat from Billy Wolf (even the rugged deserve a Sherpa lining).  For those summer excursions, harness him up in a Betters backpack, perfect for toting around his favorite antler chew and your trail mix.

For the Casual Canine:

Is your dog’s perfect day fetch in the park followed by brunch with the gang?  Does he think Sundays are made for bacon and binge watching HIMYM?  If so, then you’ve got yourself a casual canine (and awesome best bud).  Hook him up with something cozy and practical, yet fashion forward. Try a colorblock sweatshirt from MaxBone or a playfully patterned sweater from Fabdog (bonus: harness holes for the functional win)!

For the Luxurious Lapdog:

Is your dog’s hidden talent awkwardly squeezing into your lap when it’s already filled with a book, computer and coffee cup?  Would he be happiest if his paws never touched the cold, wet ground?  If so, then you’ve got yourself a luxurious lapdog, who still not convinced he’s a dog.  Pamper this pupper with, you guessed it, cashmere.  Try Ruby Rufus, whose sublimely soft sweaters range from bold, geometric prints to neutral-cable-knit classic.  For the ultimate mini-me indulgence, pick up matching signature-stripe pieces from 2016 CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year, Thom Browne.

For the Rockin’ Rover:

Does your dog come when called… only when it suits him? Does he dive into his toy basket like he’s taking on the mosh pit? If so, you’ve got yourself a rockin’ rover, and nothing says attitude like a denim battle jacket.  Load him up with pieces from Pet Haus, the leader of the pack for heavy metal tees and customizable denim jackets. 

For the Minimalist Mutt:

Is your dog simply too handsome for clothes?  Or, let’s be honest, does he just not love sweaters (i.e., is a normal dog)? If so, then he’s a minimalist mutt, whose simplicity speaks volumes.  Spruce up his look with a handcrafted bowtie from Trax Ties, designed to affix to any collar. Speaking of which, keep him looking sharp every day in one a handmade rope and leather collar from Found My Animal, a brand passionate about good design and animal welfare.

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Brussels Sprout

Sprout is a perpetually pouty, 2 year old smooth-coated Brussels Griffon. This tiny little tastemaker loves sweater weather, brunch, giving back to less fortunate dogs, and teeny-tiny tennis balls. He is passionate about lengthy naps and higher education, with dreams of one day becoming an agility champion.

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