The Cutest, Strangest Pets

If you want to know what the Instagram account @cutepetclub is all about, look no further than the name. All they do is post adorable photos and videos of some of the cutest pets of all shapes, sizes, and species. Here are some of their best posts of some strange yet super cute pets.

What’s better than one cute piggy pet? Two…obviously. These oinkers are really enjoying their favorite summer treat.

I really can’t decide what the cutest part of this video is. Is it when the hamster dresses itself in that cute lil outfit, or those adorable lil paws? The jury’s still out.

This pet might look a little different, but all he wants to do is snuggle with his puppy brofur.

This guy is just otter-ly adorable. His fur looks so soft and smooth, he deserves all the pets and snuggles.

Nothing like a good pet partnership. This sugar glider knows that the best way to get around is to hitch a ride with his furry friend.

I’m honestly not really sure what this animal even is. A groundhog maybe? It doesn’t really matter though…he still counts as a super cute pet.

This hedgehog is #summergoals. Everyone is trying to get that perfect pic in a pink flamingo float, and this guy really pulled it off.

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