The Craziest Cat Castles

In the mood to pamper your pussycat? Feast your eyes on some of the craziest cat castles around. With these not-so-humble abodes, your cat will be living in style.

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

If your kitty has some pretty high-brow taste, this might be the right cat tower for you. This piece looks more like a giant sculpture than a place for your pet to take a cat nap. It features three carpeted perches and a cozy cubby on the bottom for your kitty to hide from the world.

Credit: The Refined Feline

My Kitty Darling 35” Castle Cat Condo

This castle is perfect for your spoiled princess pussycat. The purple and beige carpeted condo is the perfect mix of relaxation and fun. The hanging pom pom and scratching posts will satisfy your kitty’s need to play, while the tower and cozy cushions provide the perfect place to snooze.

Credit: Wayfair

Large Driftwood Cat Climbing Tree

This one goes out to all those eco-conscious cats out there. If your indoor feline is just itching to climb up an actual tree, why not build them their own? This piece doubles as a pretty impressive accent piece and seems like a pretty cozy place to perch.

Credit: Etsy

96” Cat Condo

If you’re looking to drop some serious cash on your cat, I have the condo for you. At $1,500, your kitty better appreciate this literal mansion. It stands 8 feet tall with multiple levels and space for up to 15 felines. It even comes with a “furz off carpet cleaning stone” to help keep this place looking pristine.

Credit: Wayfair

Buckingham Palace

That last cat castle was just scratching the surface. This literal palace is meant for the absolute cat queen. Aptly named ‘Buckingham Palace,’ this elaborate structure will run you over 2 grand. It’s 9 feet tall with various tunnels, seats, slides, ramps, towers, and scratching posts to keep your kitty occupied. To really grasp the glory that is this condo, you need to watch this video. And trust me, you’re gonna want to turn on the sound.

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