The Best of Mr. Bagel

Mr. Bagel is a pretty amazing name for any pet, but it’s especially adorable for a fluffy chinchilla. This lil guy is an Insta star who’s very cute and very camera-ready. He knows his best angles and always has the cutest props to make his photoshoot pop.

Oh nothing to see here, just a furry friend pushing a mini shopping cart. That cocktail umbrella looks like it’s the perfect size for our Bagel buddy.

Oooh how romantic! Mr. Bagel knows that flowers and an impossibly fluffy chinchilla is the way to any woman’s heart.

Mr. Bagel, I mustache you a question….how are you so darn cute?

Anyone would love an invite to this lil party. There are cupcakes, confetti, party hats, and, of course, the most adorable chinchilla on the planet.

He’s like a real-life emoji…but fluffier. If you’re ever having a bad day, Mr. Bagel with his funny faces will always cheer you up.

You never thought you needed a chinchilla-sized bicycle in your life…until now. The way his lil paws grip the handles bars is almost too cute to handle.

Mr. Bagel has is party hat on and he’s ready to take on the weekend. Just because his hat is little doesn’t mean he’s not ready for some big fun.

When grocery shopping, it looks like this guy has his priorities straight. Who needs eggs and milk when you can have cake and ice cream?

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calla chuy

Calla is is a southern lady living in the big city and she's always proud to have professional puppy-phile on her resume. She is obsessed with all things PetCon and can't wait for the next one! In her free time, she can be found trying to pet dogs she meets on the streets of NYC!

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