The Best Gifts for the Wiener Dog Lover in Your Life

In a world filled with endless dachshund merchandise, how do you break through the clutter and find the best gifts for the crazy wiener dog lady or lad in your life? I got you boo!

As a man of very refined taste, I only purchase the best of the best. Here are Pumpkin The Doxie’s 5 must-have doxie gifts for Spring 2017!

1. Bean Goods Doxie Mama Tank to represent your ween

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Buy it here.

2. Poppy Treffry Dachshund Bags for all your most important goodies

Buy it here.

3. Custom ramp for couch or bed made specifically for dachshunds to prevent back injuries

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Buy it here.

4. Scout Bag Wine Bags and Boxes cuz their logo is bomb AF

Buy them here.

5. The Smoothe Store Custom Blankets to keep your wiener warm

Buy it here.

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Pumpkin The Doxie

Pumpkin The Doxie is a sassy, single, and seductive little mini doxie currently living in LA. Interests include sleeping, eating, and barking at people. He is an advocate for dogs with anxiety and nervous aggression. He resides with his mom and dad near the beach in Santa Monica, but would much prefer to never leave the comfort of his bed that he sometimes shares with his mom and dad.

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