The Best Dog Parks Across the Country

For your peppy little pup, nothing is better than a day at the dog park. If you’re looking for the absolute best places to have a day with your doggie pal, look no further. We’ve rounded up some of the best dog parks from around the US.


Massachusetts – Pilgrim Bark Park

This off-leash dog park has something for everyone. With an acre of land, there’s plenty of room for your hyper hound to run their little heart out. For the tiny terriers, there’s a special small dog section for pups under 25 pounds. And for the culture snob of the bunch, there’s plenty of sculptures and structures made by local artists that will pique their fancy.

Credit: Pilgrim Bark Park/Facebook

New York – Tompkins Square Dog Run

Living in those tiny apartments in NYC can be hard for an active pup. But the city’s first and largest dog run in Tompkins Square is here to save the day. It features dog runs for large and small dogs, picnic tables, and even 3 swimming pools. If you’re worried about bringing home a dirty doggo, have no fear. The run has a bath area with hoses to make sure you’re headed home with a sparkly clean pup.

Credit: Tompkins Square Dog Run

Pennsylvania – Beau’s Dream Dog Park

In 2012, Beneful had a contest to build dream dog parks around the country. $500,000 and one year later, Beau’s Dream Dog Park was born. There’s room for large and small dogs, with splash pads to keep them cool. The small dogs can crawl through tiny tunnels, while the large dogs can chase tennis balls launched from a special tennis ball tree. If you’re ever in Lancaster, PA, definitely stop by Beau’s.

Credit: Beau’s Dream Dog Park/Facebook

Georgia – Newtown Dream Dog Park

Take your dog to this park and he might think he’s dreaming. This one acre area has plush turf, a fire hydrant sprinkler, bridges, tunnels, and water stations for dogs and people alike. Pups of all sizes can enjoy a fun romp around and beat the Georgia heat.

Credit: Newtown Park/Yelp

Florida – Dog Beach

Is your pup ready for some fun in the sun? Head down to Fort Myers Beach, FL for a gorgeous, bow wow-friendly beach. Let your mutt run free and feel the sand between their paws. At the end of the day, hose ‘em down at the doggie shower station and head home sand-free.

Credit: Dog Beach/Trip Advisor


Chicago – Montrose Dog Beach

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of sand and city, Chicago is definitely the place to go. To make things even better, bring your pup along to enjoy the water views at Montrose Dog Beach. Montrose is the city’s first legal off-leash beach, so your hound is free to roam the shoreline as she pleases.

Credit: Montrose Dog Beach/Yelp

Kansas – Shawnee Mission Off-Leash Dog Area

If you thought 1 acre was a lot of space for a pup, how bout 53? This park in Shawnee, KS offers a whopping 53 acres for your pooch to explore. With plenty of trails and even a doggy swim area, your furry friend is sure to get a good workout here.

Credit: Shawnee Mission Dog Park/Yelp

Iowa – Thornberry Off-Leash Dog Park

With a very respectable 12 acres, Thornberry is another massive dog parks that midwestern pups get to enjoy. This giant space features a pond, walking paths, a small dog yard, and plenty of benches and shelters for your doggo to explore. Best of all, it’s eco-friendly! They provide biodegradable bags and special trash cans to keep this pooch park sparkly clean.

Credit: Thornberry Off-Leash Dog Park/Facebook


California – Fiesta Island

There’s really nothing better than a day at a beautiful beach with your precious pup. And Fiesta Island, a park in Mission Bay, San Diego, is the perfect spot. This beach provides plenty of sand dunes for your dog to explore, as well as calm bay waters for a quick dip.

Credit: Fiesta Island/Yelp

California – Huntington Dog Beach

Described as “over a mile of pooch paradise,” this dog beach certainly sounds like a dream. Located along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Dog Beach is a gorgeous spot to hang out with your hound. If you think your pup is ready to be the next Sports Illustrated cover model, head to the beach on some specified days for a free photo session.

Credit: Huntington Dog Beach/Yelp

Colorado – Cherry Creek State Park

With the wide open spaces of Colorado, it’s no wonder they have 107 acres to spare for furry friends. This park, just a few miles away from downtown Denver, has an enormous area for your pup to roam free. There’s water access for a little doggy dip and fences to make sure they don’t stray too far.

Credit: Cherry Creek State Park/Yelp

Washington – Magnuson Off-Leash Area

This park is perfect for all different types of pups. It has water access, trails, and open areas for all different kinds of doggy activity. It also has special areas for small or shy dogs if your canine companion isn’t a social butterfly.

Credit: Warren G Magnuson Park/Yelp

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