The 7 Things Every New Kitten Owner Needs

Cat lover or not, I think everyone can agree that kittens are absolutely adorable. But when you decide to adopt one for yourself, it’s a bit more complicated than just choosing the cutest one. There are a lot of things you need to do to prepare, and buying all the essentials is definitely a good first step. Here’s a breakdown of some of the things you’ll need

1. Litter box and litter

Luckily, potty training a cat is much easier than potty training a new puppy. But it still takes some preparation. If your kitten is quite small, make sure you don’t get a litter box that’s too tall for them to climb into. Find a secluded place to put the box so your cat doesn’t get disturbed when they’re doing their business.

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2. Food bowls and food

There are so many cute options for food bowls that can match any home decor. Find a food and water bowl that matches your style, and maybe even think about a small mat to go underneath the bowls to reduce mess. When it comes to food, ask your vet which type of food is best suited for your cat’s size and age.

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3. Collar and ID tag

Whether your cat stays indoors or outdoors, it definitely needs a collar. A collar with an ID tag that has your address can be really helpful if your cat ever gets lost. When you get your cat vaccinated, you should also receive a tag with their shot record that should stay on their collar.

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4. Pet carrier

When you’re bringing your new friend home, you’re gonna need something to carry them in. Make sure you get a carrier that will still fit your cat when they’re full-grown. If your kitten is really small, add some pillows or blankets so they don’t move around too much.

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5. Toys

It’s impossible to tell what kind of toy your cat will enjoy, but it’s always good to be prepared with options. Try some with feathers, bells, ribbons, or balls. Toys are an important way for kittens to learn how to play nice and interact with their owner.


6. Bed

Coming into a new environment is always stressful, but you can help your cat adjust with a nice, cozy bed. Just like the litter box, it helps to put it in a quiet space where your cat won’t be disturbed. If you notice your cat napping in a particular place, you can try putting the bed there to make him/her more comfortable.

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7. Scratching post

Cats are known for doing whatever they want, whenever they want. But if you start training your kitten with good habits early, he/she might stick with them. Teaching your cat to use a scratching post right from the beginning might help save some of your furniture.

Credit: Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Preparing for a new pet is exciting, but it definitely takes some extra thought. Hopefully, this list will help you gather all the things you need to welcome your newest member of the family.

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